Black Vinyl All Stars, “BVA,” is a rock-n-roll cover band specializing in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who. The group consists of Mesa, Igor Abuladze, Zak Melang, Mike Stone and Ryan Burns. These Seattle rock wizards will have you on your feet, dancing and singing to “Whole Lotta Love,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Good Times Bad Times.”

BVA features notable Seattle musicians who are also members of Crack Sabbath, Super Sonic Soul Pimps, Big High, 17th Chapter, Trombone Cake, Urban Achievers, HarryBu McCage and BeBop and Destruction. The band formed in 2000 and has played numerous shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their sets are heavily drenched in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Who. They are also known to bust out hits from Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers, Boston, ZZ Top, Deep Purple and other classic rock bands.

The group recorded a live benefit CD “Everett” with Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros, Jane’s Addiction) at the U.S.S. Lincoln Homecoming in 2003.


12 thoughts on “Video

  1. Fantastic show in Port Angeles at the Clallam County Fair. Was totally blown away. Any video on the net does not do the band justice. AMAZING set of classic songs, performed perfectly. One of my top 10 concert experiences. The only thing worthwhile at the Fair this year. It’s a shame we couldn’t have given the band a larger audience.

  2. You guys were great. Very tight, with just the right amount of BVA added touch. Nice!! You had the room all night long!! Please come back to Kirkland often!

  3. Outstanding couple of sets in Port Angeles. Can’t Thank You guys enough for coming back around. Killer vocals, awesome playing from the rest. Hope to see you again. Maybe with keys next time.

  4. I’m showing conflicting dates at Lake Tye Park, and it may be defunct information in search engine from previous years. July 17 or July 25 This year??

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